Xhafer Dobrushi
Posting One
Meeting of FSASH Chairmanship

On April 30, 2016, the Trade Union Federation of Education and Science of Albania, TUFESA celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment in the main lobby of the National History Museum.

Attendants of this celebration included trade unionists, founding members of the federation, prominent activists and leaders of TUFSA. Other VIP attendees included the Vice Ministers of Education, Ms. Nora Malaj and Mr. Rauf Dimraj, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Media, Mr. Genc Pollo, heads of various trade union groups from Albania and Kosovo.

The President of the Federation, Mr. Xhafer Dobrushi, delivered the greeting speech on behalf of the Presidency of the TUFESA. The Secretary General of the Federation, Mr. Stavri Liko, on behalf of the Steering Committee of the Federation, announced the names of the founding trade unionists and prominent activists, who were registered in the TUFESA Book of Honor and were awarded certificates of honor.

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