A word about us

The Trade Union Federation of Education and Science of Albania (TUFESA) was founded in April 26, 1991. It was created as an expression of teachers, pedagogues, and scientists’ will to meet the demands of political pluralism and market economy. The transformation of social system, the overthrow of dictatorship and democratic processes were naturally associated by a regrouping of the interests and requirements of various strata of the society, particularly of the intellectuals. The individual is re-positioning himself in the society and the human beings are re-establishing their role, figure and demands. Since early 1991, all Albanian employees including those engaged in education and science system, abandoned the former organization of Professional Trade Union and started to seek new forms of trade union organization shaped according to Western models. Hence, during the period January - March 1991, the first trade union councils were set up in the elementary and secondary schools, as well as at Tirana University, Agricultural University and institutes of Academy of Sciences.

TUFESA Membership

TUFESA and the Independent Trade Union of Education, SPASH, are the two education trade unions operating in Albania. TUFESA is the biggest and the most powerful trade union, which operates in education and science sectors. It has more than 22.000 members (out of about 40.000 persons employed in education and science sector); 10.000 are regular payers of membership fees. TUFESA is capable to organize and develop independent trade union movements.

TUFESA is one of the founding members of the Confederation of the Trade Unions of Albania, KSSH. It is making efforts to set confederative community on statute democratic basis. Within the frame of KSSH it tries to preserve and firmly develop its identity and independence. In addition, it acknowledges and respects the independence and identity of other profession federations. TUFESA has and is still playing a very active role in developing both strategies and policies for all activities of KSSH.